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Social Networking Site Strives to be Clearinghouse of 'Everything Farming'

November 7, 2012 — A new social website, launched six months ago, offers a chance to keep the "coffee shop" heritage of agriculture discussion at the convenience of the busy farmer. As the site describes itself, it's "The All-Farm, All-the-Time Social Network".

Angie Bergmeier, creater of, coordinated focus groups of farmers to ask questions about what they would want in a "clearinghouse" website. Consequently, was developed to not only accommodate those needs, but to change and update to provide an improved platform as the technology changes.

Designed by farmers, for farmers, FarmTime features discussion forums to foster communication and share ideas. The site organizes groups to narrow farming interests including: Dry Land, No-Till, Row Crop, Conventional Tillage, Cow/Calf Producers, to name a few, while Discussion Forums are available  for wide topics of any interest.

A market to buy or sell farm essentials or advertise products can be utilized on FarmTime as well as quick access to local weather and electronic trade markets. Resources available include FarmBlogs, FarmTips and FarmFamily to include the entire spectrum of farming — family included.

Recently, FarmTime has added a US Congressman, a leading Farm Economist and a world-renowned Sustainable Agriculture Agronomist to the list of regular contributors to FarmTime. These well-respected men will share current events and help you understand agricultural advocacy issues.

Currently, FarmTime is providing information for children in the classroom. A pilot curriculum for grades 1-3 informs students abotu agriculture — teh first being "Farm Fresh Milk". Students will read about farmer "Hank", learn abotu Dairy Farms and make connections about the cheese on their pizza, for example.

Check out to join the newest coffee shop — where you can "virtually" find "everything farming".

Posted November 7, 2012

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