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Farm Progress Show 2012 Recap

Boone, Iowa
August 28-30, 2012
Details about the show

Nine Farm Equipment Magazine staff reporters attended the Farm Progress Show of 2012 in Boone, Iowa, August 28-30th. They shot video, "tweeted" and "facebooked" along the way. Here is just a sampling of what they learned:


Adam Reid

Versatile Displays First
Combine To Enter Market in a Decade

Watch Video >>

Marion Calmer of Calmer Corn Heads

Calmer Introduces World's
First 12 Inch Row Corn Head

Watch Video >>

Luke Thornton, Horsch Anderson

Record-Breaking Horsch Maestro Shown at Farm Progress Show 2012

Watch Video >>

Luke Thornton, Horsch Anderson

Horsch Anderson Breaks
Ground on New Manufacturing Facility

Watch Video >>

Alamo Group and Alo Form Alliance

Alliance Between Alamo
Group and Alo for Quicke Loaders

Watch Video >>

Cleo Franklin, Mahindra USA

Mahindra Unveils Interim
Tier 4 'mCRD' Technology

Watch Video >>


New Hemisphere GPS Outback Max

Watch Video >>


Kinze New ISO Compatibility at Farm Progress 2012

Watch Video >>


Kinze Unveils New Twin Row
Planter at Farm Progress 2012

Watch Video >>

Case IH Nutri-Placer

Case IH Adds New
920 Nutri-Placer Applicator at Farm Progress 2012

Watch Video >>

Case IH Twin Row Planter

Case IH Introduces New Twin
Row Planter at Farm Progress 2012

Watch Video >>


Tires at Farm Progress 2012

Watch Video >>

Kubota M135GX

New Kubota M135GX at
The 2012 Farm Progress Show

Watch Video >>

Kubota 40th Anniversary

Kubota Celebrating Their 40th
Anniversary at The 2012 Farm Progress Show

Watch Video >>

May Wes Stalk Stompers

May Wes 14 Inch Stalk
Stompers at Farm Progress 2012

Watch Video >>

Bestway AutoGlide Auto Boom Height Control System at Farm Progress Show 2012

Bestway AutoGlide Auto Boom Height Control System at Farm Progress Show 2012

Watch Video >>


Trelleborg Rolls Out
'Premium Option' Tractor Tires

Watch Video >>

Case IH Combine

Unveiling of New Case IH Combine Features at Farm Progress Show 2012

Watch Video >>

Social Media Updates:

Here are some of the most interesting/insightful things they saw at the show:

  • Trimble launches Connected Farm app for smartphones, in conjunction with Vehicle Management tool

  • Trimble's new portable WM-Topo Survey System for water management.
  • Jeff Doran Planalytics expects trend toward norm to below norm temps and norm to above norm moisture for Corn Belt.

  • Capello's folding, chopping corn head. Unique at show says Jerod Johnson. Dealer territories open #fps12
  • New Camoplast 6500 heavy duty track carries twice load capacity, features Duradive internal design #fps12

  • Exactrix building new high-speed, low disturbance fertilizer coulter from DMR
  • Alliance Tire offers only steel belted radial in ag and offers tires from row crop & sprayers to skid steers

  • #Kinze new sugar beet planter available 24/36 row, 22" or 20" can rotate with corn and beans #fps12

  • Greg Pollock, Alamo-Rhino, explains new strategic partnership w/ ALO-Quicke Loaders
  • Sunflower adds 35 & 40-ft split wing models of 6631 vertical tillage tool, expanding off 32-ft model.

  • Great Plains unveils 20-ft Yield Pro 825R that rotates on pivot point for narrow transport #fps12
  • Luke Thornton explains new high-speed Maestro corn planter unveiled by Horsch-Anderson at #FPS12

  • Schaben's LA5000 liquid applicator w/ 750 or 1000-gal tank, 20-in coulters, adjustable down pressure.
  • @Case_IH dealers offering $5k DEF deliv system on Thunder Creek fuel trailer as free option w/ SCR-powered equip #FPS12

  • Another entry into the efforts to avoid tire damage #fps12 The Stalk Smasher from RWS

  • @Case_IH unveils QuadTrac for row-crop tractors. Steiger RowTrac better bal., less compaction vs. twin tracks #FPS12

  • #kubota new M135gx has new cab built with room for 2 #fps12

  • Heard at #fps12 on OEMs' Brand Purity: When farmer wants product mainline doesn't make & dealer is forbidden 2 carry, OEM & dealer BOTH lose

  • Sheyenne updated BlackMax Compact Tractor Snow Blower w/ deeper opening—ease of maintenance—& heavier delighting #FPS12

  • In 3rd yr w/ ditcher product, Sheyenne reports high interest in Cyclone to maintain waterways & terrace-building #FPS12

  • Mike Irish shares Brillion's demand can rise w/ drought. Pulverizers conserve H2O, producers need good seeders w/ higher hay prices #FPS12

  • Summers Mfg showing 2510 Diamond Tillage unveiled last yr at #FPS12; a hybrid between vertical tillage & disc
  • Micro-Trak's Troy Thompson sees a vibrant market for knob-based precision rate control tools vs. touch screen. #FPS12

  • Growers starting to embrace apps as "electronic library" of planting info, say app developers like AgLogic, less burden on dealers. #FPS12

  • Mahindra's Omkar Nabar discussing its new mCRD Tier IV technology on the 8560 model.

  • Apache introduces Plus 2 model SP Sprayer 98% w/ engine efficiency (vs. 70% of hydrostatics). High power-2-ground at lower rated hp #FPS12

  • Met w/ Lori Costello, @AgLeaderTech, to discuss technology awareness & knowledge voids among equip dealers selling #precisionag at #FPS12

  • 24 rows of 48-row Bauer Built corn planter w/ Dawn attachments. Will be equipped w/ ForeSight. #fps12
  • Orthman's new config. of 1tRIPr striptill rig #FPS12. Billed as DROUGHT DEFENSE; gives corn better chance in dry cond.

  • Trelleborg launches Power Needs Power premium products campaign in support w/ Challenger Tractor @andrea_masella

  • Former Ky. JD dealer-principal Sam Lawson seeking N.A. dealers for Tango4 aluminum cornhead from Argentina #FPS12

  • #landpride Predicts demand for Fall and Spring Pasture reseeding with grass drills #fps12

  • Paul Williams w/ #kubota tells us about the all new MG135GX at Farm Progress #fps12

  • We talk with #Kubota about the 40th Anniversary and how they are adding #jobs in the #USA at Farm Progress #fps12

  • “Dealers critical to ownership experience. Dealer-mfr relationship is critical to delivering the value prop." #fps12

  • Insightful dialog w/ Charlie May, @ApacheSprayer, on social networks, analytics & effective reach he is seeing in ag machinery market

  • Good dialog w/ shortline-only dealer at Salford. Vic Weisberg (IA) cited 7 key lines. "Operate off own $ & you don't hve to worry." #fps12

  • #fps12 new from #kuhn Krause Excelerator vert tillage up 40' ready I Fall
Posted August 30, 2012

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