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Deere & Co. Facts &
Figures: Farm Income Forecast

On Wednesday, November 21, Deere & Co. issued its fourth-quarter earnings (see Deere Reports Record Fourth-Quarter Earnings of $688 Million) Here’s some of the data behind the company’s report and company outlook for 2013.

US Farm Cash Receipts

Cash Receipts
Source: Deere & Company Forecast, November 21, 2012

US Net Farm Cash Income

Net Cash Income
Source: Deere & Company Forecast, November 21, 2012

World Farm Fundamentals: Global Stocks-To-Use Ratios

Farm Fundamentals
Source: USDA, November 9, 2012

US Farm Prices

US Farm Prices

Source: Actual Data: USDA
Forecast Data: Deere & Company Forecast, November 21, 2012


Posted November 23, 2012

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