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Industry News Archives — February 2013

Article Title Date Published
Former John Deere Dealer Closing After 84 Years 02-28-13
Honda Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower Demonstrated at The Honda Classic 02-28-13
JCC Services Expands Online Learning Center 02-27-13
Exports of U.S.-Made Ag Equipment Rose 16% in 2012 to $12.8 billion 02-27-13
PFW Systems Introduces New Mobile App 02-27-13
Art's Way Reports Fiscal Year Net Income Up 113.4% 02-25-13
RDO Equipment Announces Mark Kreps Named Vice President of Sales ‐ Agriculture 02-21-13
Fiat Tractor Group Announces Internal Merger Plans 02-21-13
Titan Machinery Acquires Tucson Tractor Company 02-19-13
Alamo Group Appoints New VP of Business Development 02-18-13
St. Louis Fed Ag Survey Shows Higher Than Expected 2012 Farm Income 02-15-13
California Dealers Expect Strong Demand for Equipment 02-15-13
New Ohio Farm Dealership to Create 15 Jobs 02-15-13
Mahindra USA Featured as a Case Study at Dartmouth College 02-15-13
Buhler Industries Reports Record First Quarter Revenue 02-14-13
Show Updates from the Floor of the 2013 National Farm Machinery Show 02-13-13
Farm Machinery Dealer to Move, Expand in Southwest Wichita 02-13-13
USDA Helps a Farm Equipment Dealership Expand, Create Jobs in North Dakota 02-12-13
Bane Equipment, North Central Agri-Power Announce Merger 02-11-13
Lessiter Publications Appoints New Vice President 02-07-13
TVV Capital Buys Texas Farm Equipment Company 02-06-13
AGCO Employees Recognized with Women in Manufacturing STEP Award 02-06-13
CVTC Partnership a First-ever for John Deere, Tractor Central 02-05-13
Hemisphere GNSS Acquires Precision Products Business from Hemisphere GPS Inc. for $15M USD 02-05-13
AGCO Reports 7.4% Increase in 4Q Net Sale; 13.6% for Full Year 02-05-13
Hoober Inc. Names Dan Balint Middletown Store Manager 02-04-13
Nebraska's Johnson Farm Equipment Sold to Butler Machinery 02-01-13
Rocky Mountain Announces Completion of Acquisition of Murray's Farm Supplies 02-01-13
Mathews Company Promotes Joseph Shulfer to President 02-01-13
Hemisphere GPS Sells Non-Ag Operations for $15M, Plans Name Change to AgJunction 02-01-13
Hottest Industry News from January 2013 02-01-13



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Posted February 3, 2013

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