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2D Codes Helps Vermeer
Bring Video to Farm Fields

September 5, 2012 — Vermeer Corp. has taken another major step in its customer service efforts when it  announced that 2D code decals will begin appearing on its Rebel 20 Series Balers. No matter the location, in the field or shop, Vermeer operators will have the ability to scan the decals using their smart phones or tablets, and watch product demonstration videos that provide helpful tips on how to perform certain product functions.

QR Code
Photo courtesy of Vermeer

The 2D code decals, commonly known as QR codes, are located near the product feature on Rebel balers. The 2D code will connect operators to real time videos that show how to properly thread net wrap or twine through the baler.

“The 2D codes were added to give operators a quick and convenient way to see how these processes are done,” says Joe Michaels, Director of Forage Solutions. “Connecting to helpful demonstration videos on your phone is a great way to use the 2D code technology. It’s help in your pocket.”

The demonstration videos may also be viewed by customers who do not have a smart phone on Information about these 2D codes and the videos are also contained in the product’s manuals.

Vermeer Baler
Photo courtesy of Vermeer

Invented by the Japanese corporation Denso-Wave (a subsidiary of Toyota) in 1994, these two-dimensional barcodes can be scanned and decoded at high speeds. 2D codes are published as ISO standard, are free of any license, and in recent years have become popular globally – appearing in advertisements, direct mailers and on packaging.

Michaels said Vermeer is excited about the addition of 2D code decals to Rebel 20 Series Balers and the company will continue to explore innovative ways to add value and deliver effective and convenient solutions to customers.

“Vermeer is always considering new innovative products or features that can help our customers boost productivity,” says Michaels. “This latest addition provides helpful tips for operators to view netwrap and twine routing to achieve better productivity in the field.”

Vermeer manufactures a complete line of hay tools including round balers, mowers, mower/conditioners, rakes, tedders, bale processors and silage wrappers plus biomass harvesting equipment used for renewable energy and reclamation; and a wide assortment of industrial products for tree, construction, environmental and underground utility service work.

Posted September 5, 2012

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