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Trelleborg Announces New Western Region Account Manager for Agricultural & Forestry Tires

Starting September 2012, Clayton Bukovics has been appointed as Western Regional account manager for Trelleborg Agricultural and Forestry Tires for the U.S.

Clayton Bukovics

Clayton has worked in the tire business for 25 years. Before joining Trelleborg North America, Clayton was a representative for another large tire manufacturer in North America. Clayton lives in Northern California with his wife.

Jeff Jankowski, director of Sales North America, Agricultural and Forestry products, says, “The incorporation of Clayton within our team, together with the release of new products especially designed for the North American market, is part of our strategy to improve service and support to our customers.” 

For further information, contact Trelleborg at (866) 633-8473, or visit the Trelleborg website at

Posted September 12, 2012

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