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Remlinger Mfg. Acquires PFM Product Line

Remlinger Mfg. Co., Kalida, Ohio, has acquired the product lines of Precision Farm Machinery (PFM) of Olwein, Iowa. The purchase includes rock pickers, skid-steer rock buckets, multi-purpose fork buckets, power ditchers, post/tree pullers, bale slicers, screening buckets as well as all PFM prototype products.

The name Precision Farm Machinery (PFM) is also included in the purchase.

“This purchase gives Remlinger Mfg. more product diversity, allowing us to appeal to a larger number of dealers as well as offer more products to our existing dealers,” says John Remlinger, company president.

Remlinger Mfg. has produced and marketed mounted harrow attachments, pull-type rolling basket harrows, strip-till equipment, and has sold the Market Farm Equipment product line to over1,000 dealers for nearly 50 years.



Posted February 3, 2010

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