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New Rules for Moving Farm Equipment
on Wisconsin Highways Approved  

MADISON, Wis. (WTAQ) — Gov. Scott Walker has approved new rules for moving farm equipment on Wisconsin highways.

Walker signed the "Implements of Husbandry" bill Wednesday.

It clarifies the definition of implements used for agriculture — creates a new class of farm commercial vehicles — and increases weight limits. Implements and farm vehicles can travel at weights of up to 92,000 pounds — and up to 23,000 pounds per axle.

Tillage, planting, and harvesting equipment could exceed the 23,000 figure if local governments approve their own permit processes for issuing no fee permits on approved routes.

State Farm Bureau President Jim Holte says it's now up to farmers to talk with their local officials about implementing the new law.

Supporters say it's a much needed change, replacing laws that did not accommodate today's larger farm equipment.

(Story courtesy of Wheeler News Service)


Posted April 25, 2014

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