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New Holland Becomes Official
Agricultural Equipment of NASCAR

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla., September 14, 2012 — In a joint announcement today at the NASCAR Fuel for Business Council meeting in Chicago, New Holland became the Official Agricultural Equipment of NASCAR. New Holland, the latest NASCAR Official Partner, has served the needs of farmers and ranchers across North America for more than 110 years, and its equipment plays a critical role in the production of ethanol.

In 2011, NASCAR announced a switch in its three national series to Sunoco Green E15, a 15% ethanol blend fuel made with corn grown in the United States. The low-carbon fuel emits 20% less greenhouse emissions than unleaded gasoline. New Holland manufactures a wide range of equipment essential for the crop production and harvesting of corn used to produce the biofuel.

"We are proud of our newly expanded alliance with NASCAR and the role our equipment plays in helping power the sport,” says Abe Hughes, vice president of New Holland, North America. “We are the agricultural industry’s Clean Energy Leader, and are looking forward to further enhancing our 30-year relationship with a sport that is pushing the bar on clean and efficient fuel that is not only helping to restore America’s energy independence, but also serves to strengthen American farmers and the rural economy. New Holland stands 100% behind this impact.”

“NASCAR welcomes New Holland, a company rich in tradition and innovation, as our newest official partner,” says Jim O’Connell, NASCAR chief sales officer. “The use of New Holland’s equipment will positively impact hard-working family farmers grow the corn that will be used to produce ethanol.”

Growth Energy, a leading ethanol advocacy organization, and the National Corn Growers Association created the American Ethanol partnership with NASCAR to push for broad acceptance of a renewable domestic fuel for American motorists. New Holland will work to support this partnership throughout the remainder of the 2012 NASCAR season to support the farmers who play a vital role in the ethanol industry.

Posted September 14, 2012
Posted from: Gerald W, 9/17/12 at 4:47 PM CDT
Ethanol is good for the farmers and for anyone that uses gasoline. Before you bad mouth it, go to a real source of information, like growth energy, and bypass all the bad propaganda that has been printed.
Posted from: ted, 9/15/12 at 4:46 PM CDT
I used to farm, and still help a couple of the neighbors, am all for farmers making a go of it,, but I and my family do everything we can do to avoid anything w/ HFCS in it---this stuff is absolutely no good for you,,, research it. The corn lobby has pulled a fast one on the american public, BUT, we are wising up...
Posted from: John, 9/15/12 at 10:01 AM CDT
It's good that NH sponsors NASCAR, but to tie it to the ethanol movement is wrong.
Ethanol is as inefficient as a biofuel as high fructose corn syrup is to food. And this new E15 can damage small engines. Thank you Corn Lobby.

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