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Mahindra USA Announces Red
Ribbon Holiday Sales Program

HOUSTON, Tex., November 8, 2012 —  Mahindra USA, the number one selling tractor in the world based on volume, offers the best deals of the season during its “Red Ribbon” Holiday Sales Event going on now through January 15, 2013.  Mahindra’s “Red Ribbon” Holiday Sales Event features the industry’s best programs and financing offers, customer rebates on popular package deals and our new “Mahindra Pride Military Appreciation” program to honor those who have served, or currently serve, in the US and Canadian armed forces, all backed by the best-in-class five-year warranty. Highlights of the program include:

  • 0% for up to 72 months financing on the revolutionary Mahindra Max series tractors
  • Exclusive “Mahindra Max 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee”
  • Industry’s best financing offers:
    • 0% up to 72 months financing available on all Mahindra tractors
    • $0 Down / $0 Payments / 0% Interest until Spring 2013 available on all Mahindra tractors
  • Mahindra “Power Package” implement program with up to $400 rebate available on popular tractor and implement package deals
  • Military Appreciation Program for US and Canadian armed forces that provides an additional $250 rebate to honor the men and women who serve their countries
  • Unmatched 5-year Warranty, standard on all Mahindra tractors

“Mahindra’s Red Ribbon Holiday Sales Event is the perfect time to become an owner of the number one selling tractor in the world,” said Cleo Franklin, Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Planning, Mahindra USA. “We have the industry’s best financing offers, top package deals on Mahindra tractors and Mahindra implements, the industry’s best five-year warranty and the Mahindra Max 30 day satisfaction guarantee program.  With all the discounts, specials and savings available during the Red Ribbon Holiday Sales Event, there is no better time to buy and see why Mahindra has the industry’s highest customer satisfaction and highest customer loyalty.”

To learn more about Mahindra’s “Red Ribbon” Holiday Sales Event and see all specials, savings and financing offers, please visit or

Posted November 9, 2012

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