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Crary Industries to Acquire Wayne’s Tile Pro

West Fargo, N.D. — Crary Industries, Inc. and Wayne’s Tile Pro announce that the two companies entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement that covers all of Wayne’s Tile Pro operations. Wayne’s Tile Pro, located in Morgan, Minn., has manufactured quality agricultural tile plows, stringer trailers and other tiling accessories for the past 26 years. The manufacturing of Tile Pro products will continue in the current factory located in Morgan, Minn. as a wholly owned subsidiary of Crary Agricultural Solutions, LLC., while the Marketing and Sales functions of Wayne’s Tile Pro products will be managed from Crary Industries West Fargo, N.D.  

A business built on quality products and customer loyalty, Wayne Weber, former owner is excited for his new relationship: “I’m excited for the future of our products with Crary Industries. We’ve been educating people on the benefits of water management for years, but I’m confident this step will give these tiling products the boost they need.”

Crary Industries is known for products that boost yields and increase efficiency during harvest. Keith Nilson, president of Crary Industries said: "Our current products have always been focused on productivity during the harvest. This acquisition opens the door for us to assist today’s growers on other aspects of farming, while continuing our focus on increasing farm productivity."

With over 30 years in the ag industry, Crary Industries knows what it takes to build a well-established network of ag dealers and customers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Tim Martin, director of sales and marketing for Crary Industries commented: "Wayne’s Tile Pro has great brand recognition and the benefits of tiling have been proven for years. Unite that with our strong relationships within the Ag Industry and it’s easy to get excited about the potential of these products."

By laying perforated tile underground, farmers are able to manage the water table in their soil to maximize yields, minimize fertilizer loss and improve overall farm productivity. Along with productivity, there are environmental benefits that not everyone may familiarize with proper water management. Some key benefits of tiling are:

- Higher yields and improved crop quality - Better soil aeration
- Larger, deeper plant roots - Faster soil warm-up
- Lowers nitrogen loss - Less compaction
- Less soil erosion emergence - More consistent crop

Crary Industries’ manufactures various combine harvester accessories. For more information about Crary products please visit or call 800.847.7335 to speak with a harvest specialist. To learn more about Wayne’s Tile Pro, please visit

Posted November 15, 2012

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