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  IN THIS ISSUE                            OCT/NOV 2012
Farm Equipment Magazine Cover - October/November 2012

To The Point
A Good Year If ...



Dealer Business Trends & Outlook
Dealers Confident — But Guarded About 2013
Current high commodity prices and crop insurance give some reason for dealers to breathe easier, but uncertainties persist.

Planning a Dealer Auction
Leo and Eric Johnson help manage cash flow and inventory by holding auctions and keep costs down by managing the majority of the sale themselves.

Is Agronomic Service the Next Frontier?
Farmers’ demand for data management is fueling interest, adoption by dealers.

2012 Farm Progress Show
‘Bigger, Beefier’ Products Highlight Boone Show

State-of-the-Art Building Meets Top Notch Service
Birkey’s Farm Store’s newest location in Henry, Ill., features a brand new facility using an energy-efficient heating and cooling system, keeping technicians comfortable and productive.

‘After’ the Harvest Still Counts
Residue management tool or source of significant incremental revenue, windrow-shredders can help farmers and custom operators improve their bottom line.

Posted from: Matt, 12/14/12 at 8:04 AM CST
Brice, are you wanting Cim-Tek Filtration Catalogs
Posted from: brice brown, 12/13/12 at 2:33 PM CST
i was wondering if i am ablt to get your calaloges in the mail.

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