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  IN THIS ISSUE                                   MARCH 2013
Farm Equipment Magazine Cover - March 2013

To The Point
Don't Fall for 'Shiny Shoes'



History Made at 1st-Ever Dealer-Only Summit
108 gathered in Kansas City for the inaugural Dealership Minds Summit

Adapting to a Changing Industry — George Russell

Succession Planning: Start Early, Stay Flexible

Family Affair: Passing It to the Next Generation — Tim Young

Acquisition Growth Can be Done Without Seeking Additional Capital — Mike Hedge

Transitioning the Lead at a Multi-Owner Dealership — Mark Foster

Taking Your Dealership Public — David Meyer

More Locations Doesn’t Equal More Profits — Gord Thompson

Home-Grown Grooming of Talent — Keith Kreps

Employee Ownerships (ESOPs) — Clint Schnoor

It’s All in the Execution — Boyd Hofmann

The Myth of Absorption Rate: Johnson Tractor’s Not Buying It — Eric Johnson

Dealers Shed Light on Mystery of Marketing

Build Marketing Basics First — Tim Young

Marketing’s Role in Enterprise Culture — Laird Munro
+ Online Exclusive: 'Really' Using Your Data Assets
+ Online Exclusive: What Marketing Is ... And Isn't

A Case for Shortline Equipment — Todd Kunau

3 Slam-Dunk Action Items — Quint Campbell

Making an Old Dealership New Again — For the Next Generation
Plevna Implement’s owner is investing big time to ensure the dealership continues to serve its customers well for decades to come.

Efficiency in the Field Fuels Quick ROI
Installing drainage tile improves crop yields, and by doing it themselves farmers will see a convincing ROI.

Versatility of Hay Rakes Continues to Evolve
Dealers must know what users are aiming for to help them select the proper hay rake.


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