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  IN THIS ISSUE                              FEBRUARY 2013
Farm Equipment Magazine Cover - February 2013

To The Point
Is Nuclear Option Creeping In?



New Holland Rochester’s Diversity Plans for the Future
Taking calculated risk on new products and services is opening doors for this dealership.

Planter Clinics
Dealer-run planter clinics help foster customer relationships and get the check writers in the door.

Precise Anhydrous Application Boosts ROI

As application equipment evolves, more farmers are applying anhydrous themselves and sales opportunities for dealers are growing.
+ Sidebar: Playing It Safe
+ Sidebar: Calculating ROI

Improve Parts Profitability by Refining, Expanding Operations
By upgrading parameters and employing unique ways of reaching out to customers, dealers are improving the top and bottom lines of their parts business.
+ Sidebar: The 'Hardest' Changes to Make

AE50 Awards Highlight Farm Machinery Innovation
ASABE honors the latest technological advancements in ag equipment each year with the AE50 Award.

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