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Orthman GPS Shadow TrackerOrthman GPS Shadow Tracker

Orthman introduces the GPS Shadow Tracker, an implement guidance system designed for planting applications.

It consists of a single cylinder and blade modules that are mounted to the implement toolbar and is fully compatible with AutoFarm, Trimble and John Deere tractor guidance systems.

In the system, one master Shadow module is hydraulically connected to the other “slave” modules so the blades pivot simultaneously to steer the implement.
Because the GPS Shadow Tracker modules are not mechanically connected, they  are versatile in their mounting capabilities. They are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 blade (module) configurations proportional to the size of the implement.

The Shadow system requires that the GPS mast be mounted to the implement toolbar. Both hydraulic lines and electrical connections will run from the tractor to the mast and then to the blades. One master module sends feedback information to the controller. The remaining modules are hydraulically slaved to the master unit, “shadowing” its movements as it is controlled by the main console. Information is shared and essentially steering blades hydraulically pivot to place the implement in the correct position throughout the pass.

The image is of one Shadow module mounted to the far end of a 12 row 30 in. planter.  This system consisted of a total of two Shadow modules, one on the far right of the implement and one on the far left.

For more information, contact John Bell,

Posted December 28, 2010

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