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Better Communication, Greater
Profits in the Service Department

Here's a link to the questions asked during the live Q&A session that we didn't get a chance to answer: Click here for PDF file

In today’s competitive market, dealerships need to find new strategies to increase their profitability. For a closer look at how to optimize and increase efficiency in your service department, watch Farm Equipment's latest webinar event “Better Communication, Greater Profits.”

PFW, a leading developer of dealership business management systems, shares an easy to implement communication process for your service department that has helped increase profitability for its customers.

Koenig Equipment Director of Service Operations Matt McConnell has found success implementing this approach for the agricultural dealer’s 16 service departments and shared his experiences.

This Farm Equipment webinar event was FREEIt was brought to you by PFW.

Posted December 10, 2013
Posted from: Ken Dietz, 12/11/13 at 8:51 AM CST
Good webinar. Thanks to Koenig Equipment for allowing Matt to interact and answer questions regarding their specific service department. Appreciate the number of questions that were allowed to be handled! Thanks to all involved.

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