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This report aims to track ownership changes and consolidation trends of North American farm equipment dealers.

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Vertical Tillage: Tool for Today from a Farmer and Agronomist's Perspective

Farm Equipment magazine invites you to sign up for the latest event in our webinar series. On Thursday, October 30th at 10 am Central time, we will explore the benefits of choosing vertical tillage as a conservation tillage method. Vertical tillage should be selected based on the specific goals a grower wants to accomplish. Dr. Daniel Davidson, an experience agronomist, will explore those goals.

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Leasing: A Smart Financial Tool for Ag Producers and Dealers

Amy Weum has invested more than 15 years in all aspects of farm equipment leasing, from sales and origination to lease accounting, lease training, leasing software development and asset remarketing. During this webinar event Weum – joined by AgDirect regional vice presidents Cory Nordhausen and Greg Roberg – explains the applications of leasing in the farm equipment business, including leasing’s benefits in the 2014 tax environment.

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10 Precision Farming Mistakes
& How Dealers Can Avoid Them

Tim Norris, CEO of Ag Info Tech, has seen the good, the bad and the ugly with more than 18 years of experience selling, supporting and servicing precision technology. In this live webinar event, Norris shares takes a look at common and complicated problems precision farming dealers face and solutions to simplify their lives and those of customers to increase efficiency and profitability.

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Turning Precision Service Into
Profit: Successful Strategies for Dealers

Adam Gittins, general manager of HTS Ag in Harlan, Iowa, is considered one of the pioneers of precision service plans, having helped implement and refine the dealership’s offerings since 2008. In this live webinar event, Gittins shares his approach to successfully developing a precision service plan for profit, considerations for what to include and how to charge, as well as advice on increasing customer adoption.

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Is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan Right for Your Dealership?
Sponsored by: Equip IQ

Date: Wednesday, July 16th
Time: 10:00 am Central time

Clint Schnoor is the president of Agri-Service, a 10-store AGCO dealership based in Idaho. In 2010, Agri-Service made the switch to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), making each of its 170 employees "owners" in the business. Schnoor oversaw the planning, structure transition and implementation of the firm's ESOP and is also a past president of the Northwest Chapter of the ESOP Association. During this live webinar event, Schnoor will explain the pros and cons of employee ownership, the cultural and operational changes involved and share solid advice based on his experience going through the change in ownership structure.

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John Andersen,

Alvin Wong,
Logi Analytics
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Breakthrough! Using the Power of Data to Transform Your Dealership
Sponsored by: PFW

What if you could use the information that exists in your dealership to gain new insights and make smarter business decisions? In this webinar, we explore how farm equipment dealerships can leverage the power of data to transform their business. Our speakers include analytics expert Alvin Wong, of Logi Analytics, a global business intelligence company and John Andersen, director at PFW, and an industry thought leader. 

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Steering Toward Profit With Implement Guidance Systems
Sponsored by: MBW Products, manufacturers of ProTrakker

According to Jason Pennycook, precision farming specialist with Johnson Tractor, dealers need to first have a thorough understanding of the capabilities of implement guidance systems, to make the technology a profitable part of their precision business. In this live webinar event, Pennycook shares his strategies for selling implement guidance systems, some of the challenges to consider when targeting customers and future opportunities with the technology.

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Selling Strip-Till: What Dealers Need to Know
About the Practice and Equipment
Sponsored by: Bigham Ag

As farmers continue to adopt strip-till, what opportunities exist for farm equipment dealers to serve this emerging market? According to DeJong Hughes, there are critical factors farmers need to consider when developing a strip-till system that will boost their bottom lines, and dealers can play an integral role in helping customers attain profitability.

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Taking Flight with Unmanned
Aerial Systems in Agriculture
Sponsored by: iCropTrak

Gretchen West serves as executive vice president of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) and serves as an advocate for UAV use in a variety of sectors, including agriculture. In this webinar event, West will explain the value of UAVs in agriculture, market potential for dealers and ongoing challenges associated with sales and service of the technology.

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Better Communication, Greater Profits in the Service Department
Sponsored by: PFW

In today’s competitive market, dealerships need to find new strategies to increase their profitability. For a closer look at how to optimize and increase efficiency in your service department, watch Farm Equipment's latest webinar event “Better Communication, Greater Profits.”

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Data Management: The Next
Frontier for Farm Equipment Dealers
Sponsored by: Leica Geosystems

According to Steve Cubbage, data management is a “sleeping giant” type opportunity for farm equipment dealers. In this live webinar event, Cubbage explains how dealers can position themselves to capitalize on the growth of data management services.

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Farm Equipment
Industry Drivers of Change
Sponsored By: HBS Systems

George Russell, Executive Partner with Currie Management Consultants, presents data and insights from his long career in the industry. Currently, Russell assists machinery dealer-principals in building performance-oriented teams for higher profitability and value. He is also a management columnist for Farm Equipment and contributor to Ag Equipment Intelligence and its annual "Big Dealer" report.

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