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Farm Equipment Exclusives

2011 National Farm Machinery Show Photo Gallery
Check out our extensive photo coverage from the 2011 National Farm Machinery Show. 

Strengthening European Markets May Mean More Exports to U.S.
February brought hoards of international equipment manufacturers to rainy Paris, France, to network and display their latest innovations at the 2011 SIMA show.

McCormick USA's New CEO: 
'We're Aiming To Be A Better Tractor Company'
Retooling the company founded by Cyrus McCormick in 1831 is going to take more than building great tractors. It needs to take a new look at how it works with its dealers.

Data Analysis Gives Equipment Dealers Insight into No-Till, Strip-Till Market
A Lessiter Publications analysis of the surveys of 789 attendees of the 18th Annual National No-Tillage Conference (held in Des Moines, Iowa) in January provide farm equipment dealers with insight into the no-till and strip-till market.

Industry Q&A: Improving Absorption Rates

Where is your dealership’s best opportunity for improving absorption rates — parts or service? What are you doing to improve parts sales and service?

Agri-Service: There’s Still a Place for the Single-Store Dealership
During the next 3-5 years, Cleve Buttars, CEO & owner of Agri-Service, an 8-store dealership with locations across Idaho, Northern Utah, and Eastern Oregon, sees many changes in the retail distribution of farm equipment

Farm Equipment Unveils New Web Site
An all-new website version of Farm Equipment has debuted at

AGCO Rolls Out New, Advanced Tractor Engines
While the Tier IV engine emission standards for off-highway diesels aren't scheduled to take effect for a few more years…

AHEAD OF THE CURVE: New Technology Reduces Inputs, Pushes Yields
Ask a farmer what his greatest concerns are this cropping season and it's a safe bet that many — if not most — will tell you that high fertilizer and fuel prices…

Alo TN Plans to Make New Loader Line at Bush Hog Plant
Alo AB, a global maker of loaders for the ag equipment market, plans to eventually…

Autonomous Tractors Could Mean New Business for Ag Dealerships
One day, specially programmed farm tractors may pull out of a barn, do field work and then drive themselves back to the barn under their own power…

Auto Technician Industry Q & A
Competition for technicians is as fierce as ever, but with the general economy in a nosedive and the auto industry undergoing dramatic reorganization, there's been speculation…

A Word About Peer Groups
Farm Equipment asked Currie Management's George Keen for some observations on peer-to-peer groups for farm equipment dealers. Here's what he had to say…

Consultant: During Troubling Times, Stay With the Basics
In 1981-82, it was a bad year to be new in business….

Consultants Weigh in on Metrics of Management
"A couple years of excellent sales has sidetracked conscientious cash management a bit," says Stan Jackson…

Equipment Shortages Add Up to Lost Revenue for Dealers
When Farm Equipment queried dealers about the impact that machinery shortages had on their business in the past year, many replied…

Executive Interview: Buhler's Dmitry Lyubimov
In late May, Farm Equipment visited Buhler at its Winnipeg, Manitoba, headquarters to interview new president Dmitry Lyubimov, 34, about his first months in North America and plans for Buhler.

From the Front Lines: Dealers Tell Farm Equipment About Conditions in Their Regions
Keeping our ear to ground means keeping in touch with dealers from across the continent. Farm Equipment regularly hears from readers that let us know how…

Manufacturers Speak Out on Equipment Availability
As referenced in the February Farm Equipment Editor's Page ("Where's the Iron?" by Mike Lessiter, p. 6), the editors of Farm Equipment polled equipment manufacturers…

Metrics of Management: Part 2 of 4
According to Stan Jackson, Stan Jackson Consulting, the importance of turnover is a story that can never be told too often…

Metrics of Management: Part 3 of 4
To complement the dealers' views, Farm Equipment also contacted two leading farm equipment dealer consultants — Stan Jackson, Stan Jackson Consulting, and George Keen…

Metrics of Management: Part 4 of 4
"There are simply too many variables all in constant motion." That said, Jackson cites some techniques…

Mixed Signals on Branson/Montana Merger
It's clear that a shakeup in the compact tractor industry is starting. The first salvo was fired recently when Montana Tractors LLC and Branson Tractors Inc. announced plans…

New Tractors for 2008
Four Farm Equipment Editors, covering North America's two largest machinery exhibitions in mid-February — the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky., and the World Ag Expo in Tulare, Calif., — share what they saw in the way of new introductions for Tractors that the market will see in 2008…

New Study Reveals Benefits, Opportunities in No-Till Farming
A just-completed benchmarking study conducted by magazine No-Till Farmer provides interesting insight into growers that practice no-till farming…

Precision Farming: What’s New for 2008
Four Farm Equipment Editors, covering North America's two largest machinery exhibitions in mid-February — the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky., and the World Ag Expo in Tulare, Calif., — share what they saw…

Textron's pullout - INDUSTRY Q&A
Farm Equipment posed two questions to dealers about the importance of Textron's pullout on dealer operations…

Trade Values & Trends: 160-169 Horsepower Row-Crop Tractors
This initial installment focuses on trends in 160-169-hp category of row-crop tractors. In the analysis of tractors in this horsepower range…

Vertical Tillage vs. Vertical Finish
When going to vertical tillage, there are many different tools and approaches. However, implements mostly fall into one of two categories...

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