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Farm Equipment Editorials

September 2012
The Risk-Reward of Farming
Since much of what we’re reading these days is about the drought of 2012 and its impact on commodity prices and ultimately its effect on food prices, I’m reminded of the risk-reward tradeoff I learned about back in my college days. It makes me wonder why no one pays much attention to the “risk” side of the equation.

July/August 2012
An Investment in Your Leadership Capital
In the summer of 2004, when our firm acquired Farm Equipment, we saw an industry embarking on great change, and a real opportunity to seek out thought-processes as dealers navigated new waters. And even before our first edition, we were planning the next year’s debut of the Dealership of the Year (DOY) program.

June 2012 Showcase
The Used Equipment Story
Research published as a report to Morgan Stanley investors in November 2010, asserts that 30,000-50,000 big farmers represent the entire customer base for new row-crop equipment. The remaining 300,000 or so farmers almost always buy used machinery.

April/May 2012
Precision Farming: Go/No-Go Decisions
Ever since our farmer subscribers (mostly from our 41-year-old No-Till Farmer publication) heard we publish a magazine for equipment dealers, they’ve shown an eagerness to talk "dealer" matters. At the last 8 National No-Tillage Conferences we hold each January, farmers have cornered me to talk and, more often than not, get something off their chest.

March 2012
A Difference of Opinion
One or two lifetimes ago, I had a secretary who had a tendency to bring family and personal issues to work. At one point, she ranted for weeks about how the big chain stores were...

February 2012
New Ideas from the Newly Merged
With the first-ever “Dealership Minds” edition on Birkey’s Farm Stores in February 2011, we set out to detail how each of the“cogs” in a benchmark-worthy dealership function together as one “machine.” What became the most talked-about project of the year created challenges for our editorial team when it came to this year’s encore performance.

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Telling Your Side of the Story

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