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Farm Equipment's "Dealership of the Year" Coverage


Industry’s Best Dealerships Honored in 7th Annual Awards Program
JayDee AgTech and Janson Equipment earned the industry’s top honors as Farm Equipment’s 2011 Dealerships of the Year.

JayDee AgTech, Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Category: Over $50 Million in Annual Revenue

Janson Equipment Co., Reese, Michigan
Category: Under $50 Million in Annual Revenue


Geographically Distant Stores Reduce Weather Risks

Creating a Culture That Attracts, Retains Employees

Hutterite Colonies Can Be Valuable Farm Equipment Customers



Codington-Clark Equipment, Watertown, S.D.
John Hopper remembers attending an implement dealers’ conference 10 or 15 years ago, and one of the talks he sat in on was called, “How to Make Your Business Bulletproof.” For 2 hours the speaker hammered home the point...

RDO Equipment Northern Agriculture, Fargo, N.D.
Spend time at Fargo, N.D.-based RDO Equipment, and you’ll hear the familiar story of a passerby who asks three hardworking laborers what they’re doing. The first mumbles that he is...

Measuring Employees to Ensure a 'Great Place to Work'
RDO measures its performance with both its customers and employees. Read how they do it.

Taking the Company Public: RDO Equipment Co.'s Most Difficult Years

A Timeline of RDO Equipment Co.'s Expansion


Bonneville and Madison County Implement
It may have been a coincidence that as I turned the corner onto Industrial Boulevard in Idaho Falls, Idaho, in May to visit Farm Equipment's 2009 Dealership of the Year...

Industry's Best Dealerships Recognized in 5th Annual Award Program
Judging in Farm Equipment's 5th Annual Dealership of the Year awards program has concluded and the two dealerships earning 2009 honors are...

Young's Equipment
Trying to boil down the elements of success for Regina, Saskatchewan-based Young's Equipment — a multi-store dealership that enjoyed 77% revenue growth last year while only adding 6 employees...


Industry's Best Dealerships Recognized in 4th Annual Award Program
In continuation of the industry recognition program first started in 2005, two dealer organizations - Miller Farm Equipment ("Large, Multi-Store Operation"), and Vincennes Tractor ("One- or Two-Store Operation") - will forever share...

LARGE, MULTI-STORE OPERATION: Miller Farm Equipment, Moosomin, Saskatchewan
Simple on the outside, complex on the inside. Easy enough to understand...

ONE- OR TWO-STORE OPERATION: Vincennes Tractor Inc. Vincennes, Ind.
During a tour through the various departments of Vincennes Tractor in early June, Edgar Kuhlenschmidt couldn't help but express his feelings about...

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