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Dueling Combines

John Deere 893 Stock Corn Head vs. John Deere 893 upgraded with Calmer Trash Reduction Kit. View it!

Associate Editor

We're looking for a talented associate editor for a new position in our ag division. Email for more information or to apply.

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News You Can Use,
Numbers You Can Count On  

That's the promise from the only monthly market trends newsletter devoted exclusively to the farm equipment industry.

News — We dig deeper and longer for the critical information that affects your business and alert you before it happens.

Perspective — We talk to experts who know what the news and numbers really mean for ag equipment dealers and manufacturers.

Analysis — We cut through the "spin-doctored" news and give it to you straight.

Just call 866-839-8455 or visit us online to view pricing and order your subscription.

It's Called
Ag Equipment Intelligence For A Reason.
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Ag Equipment Intelligence publishes other special reports about the domestic and international market for farm equipment and other hot topics in the ag machinery industry. Get the freshest, most in-depth data and information about the markets and issues that impact you and your business — only from Ag Equipment Intelligence!


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