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2012 Dealership of the Year Video

Johnson Tractor:
Importance of Absorption Rate Up for Debate

In this video sponsored by Dealership Information Systems (DIS), Eric and Leo Johnson, of the 2012 Farm Equipment Dealership of the Year award winning Johnson Tractor, explains his perspective on what the absorption rate means for a dealership.

To read more about how Johnson Tractor earned the top honor in the 2012 Farm Equipment Dealership of the Year in the More Than $50 Million in Annual Revenue category, click here.

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The 18-part 2012 Farm Equipment Dealership of the Year video series is sponsored by DIS (Dealer Information Systems Corp.), the leading provider of business system software to agricultural equipment dealers and distributors in North America.

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Dealership of the Year Video Series

Absorption Rate
Posted from: Farm Equipment, 6/20/13 at 11:50 AM CDT
Continue to hear of more dealers (including this year's Large Multi-Store Dealership of the Year) who agree that parts/service absorption rate as means to carry a dealer through a downtime is myth. WHAT IS YOUR TAKE?

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